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Life Unplugged…

It was about 3:45 this afternoon when I was doing my usual,  reading, note taking, and watching a movie.  (Kind of a multi tasker at heart)… when we lost power.  This wasn’t a flicker of lights – this was total shut down.

As the minutes ticked by, I was made abundantly aware of how completely useless I can be…. unplugged.  I light candles.  Pace the floors.  Stare at the neighbors houses to be sure there is no need for “power envy”.  I have no idea how people functioned before there was electricity.   I Call the power company, “Help help!  Damsel in distress… my computer and TV are down!”

Two hours pass, than three… with my really cool flashlight that straps on my head, I grab a blanket and settle into a chair next to a candle with my Bible.  I start to read as the light flickers over the words in a kaleidoscope kind of way…. changing the look of the words…. and I think about those words.  Those powerful words… that have looked different, spoke differently to so many people through the years, in so many ways they shed their own light – the Bible – Alive with words speaking, speaking…. through all those years.

It hits me how these words speak to even the same person, differently at different times.  Different seasons of ones life.  For the longest time my life scripture was Phillipians 4:13:  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  And it held true… when the tough times came I knew I had the strength of the Lord!  That scripture was my Rock for about 10 years.  And then…   a little over a year ago, at Mink Lake Camp… a different scripture opened up to me…. Psalm 46:10:  “Be Still and know that I am God.” And now when things are getting tough I try really hard to listen – to be still and let our God take the controls.

I love looking at The Word in a different light.  And when the power came back on… I stayed in my chair, wrapped in my blanket, candle flickering, and read on….  This Story does not end.    



November 18, 2007 - Posted by | Life thoughts

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  1. Very cool. You are totally correct about the same Scripture touching a person in a different way at different times. I wonder if that’s the Holy Spirit helping us.

    Rock on, Sheila.

    Comment by Karen L. | November 19, 2007

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