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Thursday Thumbs Up

I have decided to broaden my Thursday Thumbs Up posts to more than just movie reviews.  I mean really… I just HATE restrictions.  So Thursday will be reviews on anything such as restaurants, videos, music, plays, road trips, TV shows, MOVIES, or whatever.

Today I wish to recognize my favorite restaurant in our area, Buffalo Wild Wings.  I am actually surprised by how many people I talk to that have not yet been in this restaurant.  You do not have to be a fan of wings (however, Al, Brad, Justin, and I are) to go – they have a great menu!  Wraps, appetizers, nachos, burgers, quasadillas, salads, desserts and more.

Our local restaurant does not only have great food, but also a great staff!  The people working there are friendly and fun.  The tv’s are on if you are hoping to catch the sports event, they also have a trivia game that you can play on the tv screen just for fun while you are waiting for your food. 

So great food – great sauces – my favorite is the Asian Zing which I just recently learned that you can purchase any of the sauces by the bottle for $3 and some change.  If you haven’t tried this  restaurant yet, I highly recommend you make time soon to do so.  I’d love to hear what you think.



November 15, 2007 - Posted by | Just me


  1. Not only do they have great eat in food, but the entire menu is available for take out!! (my favorite dinner is take out) If you ever want to try a new restaraunt, I’m always game.

    Comment by Joelle | November 16, 2007

  2. We love to take our kids to this restaurant, it really is kid friendly. Sometimes kids get a little loud when they go out, but at BWW it just part of the atmosphere. BTW I love the Asian Zing as well!

    Comment by Brett Richmond | November 16, 2007

  3. I would like to agree with my mother on this review. Seeing as I am a part of this amazing work staff she pointes out and I eat there all the time, I agree. 🙂

    Comment by Justin DeChantal | November 16, 2007

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