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Monday Monday Morning Mind Dump

  • I am still pumped up about the Revolve Tour from this past weekend (see previous Blog for the details of that event and pictures!)
  • Last Wednesday I won (I WON!!!) a game of cribbage against Al. Do the dance, do the dance… I hear Queen’s ‘We are the Champions’ song in my head… Al of course now says the game is stupid and won’t play anymore… ha ha (just kidding we played again last night and I lost , just like old times…)
  • The Warriors won on Friday night! They will be playing this Thursday evening at the Metrodome. Now I have to figure our how to get Justin there and back safely. (Always the Mom…)
  • I am currently reading 4 books at one time – my Fiction Book Club read, The Power of the Spirit for our staff discussion, 9 Things You Must do by Henry Cloud, and Sharing a Laugh by The Women of Faith Team. There is a method to my madness… I read 9 Things You Must Do in the morning while I am getting ready to go, Sharing a Laugh I keep in the car for times I am trapped in traffic, waiting in the bank/fast food line, and the other two depends on my mood – learning or light reading…
  • This week will be a smorgasboard of activities that I will try to participate in
  • I am trying to have lunch or coffee with at least one person a week I need to catch up with. For the last two week I have been able to do this, I am prayerful that I can continue this
  • Brett and I will do our second Podcast for the e newsletter today.
  • This Sunday we will be serving a noon meal at the Soup Kitchen. Chance and I are helping out.
  • This week 2 families that we love dearly are having going away parties as they are moving. This could be a tough week of bittersweet moments.
  • Looks as though I may be 4 wheeling this week. more on that in the days to follow (you will need to check back)
  • The ARK is working!  Tasks are being completed for those in our community!  My heart soars!

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