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We are back! Ten of us from The Journey North drove to Minneapolis on Friday afternoon to be part of the Revolve Conference. Revolve is the Teenage Girl version of Women of Faith.

So our five youth: Mari, Johanna, Asha, Jackie, and Rebecca… and 5 adults: Elizabeth, Suzette, Karen, Jennifer, and myself had the privledge of listening to great music live from Hawk Nelson, KJ 52, Natalie Grant and Ayeisha Woods. We also listened to Chad Eastham talk about The Truth About Guys’. The girls taught us that with Orbit gum, you can eat the wrapper on the gum. At least, I hope that is true… because they told me it was… and I did it. (The peer pressure was ENORMOUS!)

The event was fantastic starting at 7 pm on Friday evening and ending Saturday at 4 pm. I have to smile to myself when I think about learning Hip Hop moves not only with the youth girls but with the adult girls – Suzette, Elizabeth, Karen, and Jennifer.

Thank you Jennifer for lining up this event for our girls! High five!!!


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