Straight on Through

Things in my head and now …. not


b.jpgThere it was this morning… on my back deck.  All white and trying to look cute, but I was not fooled.  I blinked.  Blinked again.  Rubbed my eyes and peaked through the cracks in my fingers.  Snow.  My arch enemy.  My cryptonite that weakens me and draws me into my home for a season… the winter season. 

I know it is inevitable… I mean, we do live in Minnesota after all… home of the snowmobiling frenzy and the yearly Ice Fishing Extravaganza.  It is shoveling and slippery roads.  It is dig out my coat and find my mittens cold.  It is windows up in the car and heat blasting me in the face cold. 

But to me… a green Christmas would be ideal. (After all isn’t green the new pink?)  Picture it… grilling the turkey on the deck while family and friends play yard games like horse shoes and volleyball.  We would open gifts that evening around a campfire, singing Christmas songs while we roasted marshmallows and sucked on candy canes.  Chestnuts roasting on an open grill….

Ok… I’ll let it go.  There are a lot more snow fans in this area then there are the anti-snow people like me.  So once again I will put on a happy face, a strong outward appearance, and big boots.  My attitude will be positively delightful as I look for my window scraper.  Yay… snow.


November 9, 2007 Posted by | Insane Moments | 5 Comments