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Monday Morning Mind Dump

  • Last week was a pretty good week… laughter and tears all in a 7 day package
  • I was able to have lunch with my friend Sarah, we hadn’t had this time to talk in months! It was so great to catch up!
  • Talked to Brad a bit on the phone – he cracks me up!
  • Justin’s 2nd newspaper came out for the school – he has three articles in it!
  • Had time to catch up with my Aunt Jackie
  • Coffee with Cathy on Friday of this past week was good quality catch up.
  • Saturday evening Al and I played cribbage over milk and cookies. (I still have not won…)
  • I had a “no commitment” weekend. They are so rare! I loved it! Read, slept, cleaned a bit, played a word game on the internet, watched a little Survivor (how funny was that!)
  • Chance and I had a “Top Secret Mission” Sunday afternoon. We went on a search for wings in the wild and quickly assassinated them. After that he had to decipher if we were going to pursue a martian or bees. The bees were selected so we were off to the Bee Movie. Good times, good times.
  • Payroll was captured and delivered to the accountant by email Sunday to take a little off of me on Monday.
  • The ARK is in motion… Tuesday evening the big plan will be revealed and go into action – yay Team Sarah and Json!
  • Sunday evening I planned chicken fajitas but for some odd reason really wanted steak…  guess fajitas will be on for Monday.
  • I am excited for Tuesdays Banquet recap meeting! What an incredible team we had this year!
  • Friday we leave for Revolve! I am pumped! (Oh you know there will be pictures!)
  • Brett and I tried a live podcast… we will see how that turns out. 
  • I missed last Thursdays “Thumbs Up Thursday” movie review. I felt maybe I had blogged enough already for the week…. like I have “Blogitis” or “Blog Pox” and thought maybe I should pace myself so I do not sprang a finger on my keyboard.

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