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Intentional Sleeping in Churches

Last night my dear friend Sandi and I once again had the unique opportunity to sleep in a church.  Previously, about three months ago, we stayed over at First Lutheran in Brainerd.  This time, we were at First Prespyterian. 

No, we are not church hopping looking for the ultimate nights sleep, nor are we planning our own reality show… nope – we were once again a part of the incredible Interfaith Hospitality Network for the homeless in Crow Wing County. 

This time we were with 5 families.  What a great blessing to get to know these people.  Kristi came over at 7 p.m. and offered haircuts to whoever wanted them and she wound up doing three cuts, a mom, a 3 year old, and a teenage girl. 

As I spent time witnessing this great program work, all all the amazing volunteers that are truly being Jesus’ hands and feet.. I have to pause and catch my breath.  Isn’t this the way it was meant to be? 

Overall, great night.  Sandi and I were both really tired when we went to our room at 10 p.m. yet giggled and talked until 12:30 a.m.  (You would think we would outgrow that…)

With permission from the mom, I was able to take this picture.


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