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The Screwtape Letters

I did it! I read the Screwtape Letters. Yes – I think it is an accomplishment and no, I didn’t find it an easy read.

The Screwtape Letters to me has been one the books in the back of my mind that I someday wanted to read mainly because it is suppose to be so enlightening and filled with wisdom and well… it was on my “to read” list.

Now having read the book, I can say that I find C.S. Lewis to be even more brilliant than I originally gave him credit for. Did I understand the entire book? No… but that just goes to show you how he is so brilliant that he is beyond me . : )

I did find parts of the book however to be engrossing and even a little spooky. I would be reading and what Screwtape woud be saying of the patient, I could relate. I could remember being where I had thought that way at one time and here is a book about a devil telling his nephew how to win people over for hell… well then.

Even more intriguing to me is the fact that we are talking about a book that was written in 1942. 1942! Here is a book with ideas in it that remind me of me once upon a time and this was written before I was born… it was written before my mother was even born….

Of course, there is another Book out there that was written a long time ago that applies to our lives today too….

ANYWAY – Screwtape Letter – completed. A good read, a little difficult in places but I will read it again someday to see if it speaks to me differently. I feel good about reading it; like I could conquer something big now that the book is completed….

I feel a little like Zorro.


October 8, 2007 - Posted by | Book Thoughts

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