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Monday Morning Mind Dump

  • Saturday was so beautiful – the weather was perfect. I wanted to bottle it and save it (or sell it on EBay…)
  • My crazy girl friends have given me yet another awesome memory… kudos on the road trip and on the mask try outs!
  • Al and I marathon watched 4 episodes of 24 Saturday night ending at 12:50 a.m. (For Al – that is unheard of!)
  • Joelle and I hit the Women’s Expo for retreat ideas… it was really fun and The Women Of The Franklin Art Center booth was beautiful!
  • Today I have a lot of little tasks to do. Blah…
  • The Missions Banquet is this weekend and I am excited about what will happen this year.
  • I had a 5 minute massage at the expo that took away that week long headache behind my right ear (see last week’s mind dump for ear story…)
  • Last night Al and I finished Season 2 of 24. Oh no – President Palmer!
  • Our first payroll with the new accountant is this Friday. I am “breathe in a brown paper bag” nervous.
  • I now know how to play cribbage thanks to Al’s new pastime. I have yet to win…
  • Today is Columbus Day. I had no idea until I tried to go to the post office today. I asked an elderly gentleman if it was a holiday today and he said, “A long time ago, there was this man…” “Sigh”
  • We sold 41 tickets to the Banquet yesterday! Wow!!! HAPPY DANCE! New total is: 135
  • I think I will line up a massage for Friday… a little pre banquet R-E-L-A-X thing…
  • Tim is HIGH maintenance. Kari is a saint.
  • My Bookies book club meets tomorrow night at my house for the Screwtape Letters review. I am making that dessert with the Oreos on top that look like dirt and with the gummy worms (get it? For Wormwood…) However the main dish escapes me… unless I do something with Angel Hair pasta….

October 8, 2007 - Posted by | Just me

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  1. I least you didn’t call me Tornado backside again!

    Comment by T Lago | October 8, 2007

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