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Monday Mind Dump

  • Going into this week with another full plate – my mind tends to start unloading this at about 3 a.m. now…
  • Amber’s wedding was beautiful at the Arboretum this weekend!
  • I had a chance to catch up with my Aunt and Uncle at the reception.
  • I spoke with a great friend of my mom’s last night who now lives is Arizona.  It was so fantastic to hear from her!  (Hi Karen!!!)
  • Missions ticket sales are in the final few days…. I am feeling anxious…
  • Justin in continuously whipping Al in Cribbage… THAT’S MIGHTY FUNNY!
  • Suzette and I worked on the ARK yesterday when she painted nails at Edgewood Vista and I read out loud.  Memory.
  • I have had a headache behind my right ear for three days now.  Weird.  I am telling everyone so if anything odd happens, remember me saying this.
  • Justin has started his graduation pictures yesterday at the Arb… it rained so he may have more done on Thursday.
  • My focus this afternoon is to be on filing at home.
  • I am currently looking to hire a dozer/excavator operator A.S.A.P.
  • I am going to work out at the YMCA before I go home today… need to relieve some stress…
  • I made chili over the weekend.  This is perfect chili weather.
  • Today I saw a small truck I was driving next to have the door open and a child in a car seat fall out hanging by the seat belt while the vehicle was still driving down the road.  I stopped with  the truck to block traffic and helped put the child back into the vehicle.  Child had road rash on arm, but was otherwise scared, but ok.  I am still pretty shook up.

October 1, 2007 - Posted by | Just me

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