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Renaissance Festival

Each fall in Shakopee, MN. the renaissance festival arrives in all its colors and glory.  This past weekend, myself, Karol, Justin, and his friend Katie, drove the 2 1/2 hours together to experience this event.

The Renaissance is filled with people dressed in renaissance wear.  They use the accent, they tell jokes… There are jugglers, and comedians, they have skits, and live jousting, and incredible food.  There is a King and Queen and if you wish, you can pay to have a royal meal with them.  They have a large area for kids, games, and experiences.  Children can joust, see the petting zoo, ride on rides, and they can go on the giant rocking horse.

Renaissance is filled with quick witted actors and I love that.  The first time I went many years ago, a Renaissance man was in a tree as we walked down a path to enter the festival.  “Hey!  Hey!” he hollared down at me. 

 “What?” I asked, being a total renaissance rookie.

“Don’t step in it!”

I looked around.  “Don’t step in what?”

“DONT STEP IN IT!”  He said intensly, as though fearing for my life.

Then I seen it.  On the ground, in the dirt, was writtin the word ‘it.’  From there I was hooked.

So Renaissance isn’t an every year experience.  The acts are pretty much the same each year.  Some of the shows you just want to avoid – period.  I enjoy going with first timers because to see if through there eyes is fun.  My favorite part now is being able to see the girl who plays the fairy.  She plays her part so well and children just surround her.

This weekend concludes the festival for this year.  It will return again next September.


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