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Soon by Jerry Jenkins

Late this afternoon I finished the book Soon by Jerry Jenkins.  This book is a prequel to Left Behind and I was curious about what direction it would take.

I was surprized to find that this book did not use the characters we have grown to love.  There is no Rayford, no Chloe, or Buck in this book.  Instead we meet Paul Stepola who is an agent for the National Peace Organization and the story takes place in 36 P3, after World War III. 

At first, wrapping my mind around how different this book flows from the Left behind Series was a challenge.   I struggled with the changes the book describes in the aftermath of the war.  There are 7 States, not 50.  Christmas is now Wintermas.  Religion is a crime, and Paul’s job is to extinguish any groups that practice Faith.

The comparrison’s to Paul and his desire to wipe out Christians is an obvious parallel to Paul in the Bible – and yes, without giving too much away in the book…. the similarities continue. 

As I continued the reading I became more interested in the characters and the outcome.  As I came to the last page I felt left with a lot of unanswered questions; then I looked on line and found out why – Soon is a trilogy.  Be warned, this is a three book commitment.  Book #2 is Silenced, and Book #3 is Shadowed

So… now I have to decide… continue the Trilogy?  Most likely.  I do have enough invested to want to know the outcome for Paul, his wife, his father in law,the Underground Christians, and of course, the missing water…

There you have it.  I would rate this book about a 3.2 out of 5.  An average read, interesting, but not fantastic… not as good as The Left Behind Series, but I am only on book 1, so that may change.

Have opinions on this review?  Feel free to comment.  Want to read the book?  It is in the TJN library, come and check it out.

In the meantime… Read On.


September 26, 2007 - Posted by | Book Thoughts

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