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Monday Mind Dump

  • Crazy busy weekend… still recovering
  • Friday’s peony Funeral was a trap!  I was fooled – big time.
  • ACTS event was fun!  I learned to put shingles on a roof this weekend.
  • Dinner with the Lane’s Saturday evening – priceless.  : )
  • Renaissance festival on Sunday was  fun with Karol, Katie, and Justin.
  • VERY WARM Sunday!
  • Al taught Justin to play Cribbage this weekend.  In the middle of the game, Brad delivered pizza to our house and sat down and joined the game.  I had my Norman Rockwell moment fix right there.  My heart swelled two sizes…
  • I plan to finish the book ‘Soon“, soon.
  • I hear I missed another incredible service… I will have to listen to it on line.
  • Today – I spin.
  • Lunch today with Julie about Interfaith Hospitality Network updates.
  • Tried to watch some of 24 last night but pulled an “Al” and fell asleep in the chair.

September 24, 2007 - Posted by | Just me

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