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Tales From The Roof Top

Today was a beautiful day for our last ACTS event (All Called To Serve).  Starting next month it will be called ARK (Acts of Random Kindness).

Today we were at Aaron Sutton’s home to assist in the expansion of his driveway and help on an addition he is putting on his home.  A great team of people showed up to help shingle the addition, cut down trees, make a burn pile, and widen the driveway.

The awesome thing about ACTS (or ARK) is all the ways you can serve as well as make new acquaintances and take existing ones to different levels.  For instance, did I ever visualize that one day I would learn how to shingle a roof from Al Preisinger?  Or share that rooftop experience with Elizabeth Bjorlo and Katie Klasky?  I also did not foresee Al breaking out into a song about a hammer… but he did.

My hubby took the morning and early afternoon off from bidding to help with bigger projects that called for bigger tools, and Lance, Julie, and Kayla, all came to lend a hand.  Karol came with Branden, Natalie and Hannah Klasky were hauling brush to the pile too.

The joining of people through these events is probably my favorite part of our service projects.  I just love to watch people come together.

Today was a time to see Aaron’s vision and be a part of it.  How super cool is that?  It is like digging in the cereal box and getting the much coveted secret decoder ring.  Yup, that cool.

Thanks Aaron and Kris for allowing us to share in this incredible experience with you.


September 23, 2007 - Posted by | Just me

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