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Peony Funeral…

I have a group of friends I used to work with that like to get together to catch up once in awhile.  We usually plan fun events like The Spicer Castle Murder Mystery, Wisconsin Dells, staying over night at the Mansions in Little Falls, weekend get aways…

One of these friends has a way with flowers and every year has a beautiful yard filled with color.  This year she lost some of these flowers to the large storm last month and we decided to get together to have a Peony Funeral. 

Through conversations, we had decided to wear black and each bring a potluck item.  It was just going to be an excuse to get together, but another fun one to add to our memory book. 

So the four of us gathered late yesterday afternoon in Motley, Minnesota, around a black shoe box as we paid our last respects to the Peony family.  My friends said that I could open the box to see the flowers.  I did – and they looked an awful lot like prunes on stems.  Wait… THEY WERE PRUNES ON STEMS!

Then I read the note – “Happy Surprise 40th Birthday Sheila!”

The whole thing was a joke that I fell for – hook, line, and sinker… a way to get me to dress in black – and basically morn my youth.  Grrr…….. they so got me!

My birthday was in February, but we were on our family vacation during that time.  I thought I was quite smart planning to be out of state for my 40th… no way anyone could bust me about the 4 – 0 if I wasn’t around.  Doh!  So wrong.

My so called friends, had planned this so far out they knew I would never put it together.  So, helping to plan my own party by suggesting the black… I walk back into the house which has quickly been converted into black balloons, a black cake with a tomb stone that reads “Here Lies Sheila’s Youth”, black m & m’s, and black suckers…

Of course, we have the potluck items so we eat, we laugh, and we catch up.  I was totally fooled.  You know I am already planning for whoever is the next 40.


September 22, 2007 - Posted by | Insane Moments

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  1. That is just too good. Kudos to the friends. Gotta love it when someone gets it that good!!!

    Comment by T Lago | September 26, 2007

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