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Who’s the “Hottie” in the office?

If you have been in the office lately, you may have seen the picture of the shirtless man by my computer.  This is Mario.

In Honduras, in March of this year, I met Mario while working on the nursery for AFE (the ministry to take children out of the dump).  Mario was one of the guys who worked at the site each day.  While he spoke no english, his one word to me each morning was, “Cheala” (the “Sh” sound to them always comes out like “Ch”).  As my Spanish is no where near bragging quality, my one word to him every morning in response would be, “Mario!”

Every once in a while he would run a lot of dialouge by me that he would desperately try to have me understand and since I did not have a clue… I would just reply, “No comprende, Mario”.  That really cracked him up. 

The days after I returned to the states, Bob and Char who were still in Honduras, later reported that Mario would point to the sky referring to the planes and say , “Cheala?”

When Bob and Char went to return a few weeks after our team did, they were taking pictures and asked Mario for one.  Char reported he quickly took his shirt off to show his muscles.  She thought that was incredibly funny and to add to her humor, she brought the picture to me.  I too thought that was pretty funny, so I put him in the office… my buddy from Honduras.

So there it is.  The story of Mario.  Stop in the office and say “hi” sometime. 



September 18, 2007 - Posted by | Insane Moments

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  1. I wondered about him! Every time I came in, I looked at that picture and I wondered and now I finally know. Does Al???

    Comment by Karen L. | October 1, 2007

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