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If We Are The Body…

If We Are The Body…

This morning in my Thursday morning coffee group, we were reading out of Ephesians 5. It wasn’t even the scripture that we were reading that grabbed me… it was the verse that followed after we stopped… Ephesians 5:30… We are the body.
It reminded me that we are not just to do our time on Sunday for our hour and a half commitment… but if we are truly the body, we need to move beyond the walls of Sunday service.
Serving Christ… we are His Body here on earth. It is up to us to reach out with hands and feet and MOVE towards service. What can that mean in todays world of over commitments and agenda books covered in ink? Simply this – serve where you are.
God has put us all in situations in our current life that if we just open our eyes and see the way God would… we are surrounded by opportunities to serve from where we are.
At your job… is there someone you could help with a project or even an ear when they express a current hurt in their life while in the break room?
Is it at Church in Sunday when you hear there is a need for Children’s Church workers, or coffee servers, greeters, class assistants, or set up…
Can we serve by setting a great example for our friends neighbors, family and children by living a life that reflects God?
Serving can be as simple as giving a ride to someone, shoveling a sidewalk, picking up milk for a neighbor (hey, you were going to the store anyway…)
Think about it. If each of us did our part to see the world through God’s eyes… the opportunities to serve large and small are all around us. It is so simple and yet… so powerful.
How can you serve today?


September 13, 2007 - Posted by | Devotion in motion

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  1. Right on Sheila!

    Comment by Nicole | September 14, 2007

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