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Piper Update…

For those following the Piper story… she has become a joy to the family and an obsession for me. I have never had a pet in a cage before. Decided I don’t like it. I feel that this is no way to live and have worked on broadening her horizons.

AKA – The fenced in dog area of our back yard.

I took careful consideration to block any corners of the fence I thought she may be able to squeeze through. I placed wood under the small gap in the gate in case she had some matrix moves I was unaware of. Finally I felt ready.

I parked a lawn chair in the dog kennel for me to observe, and let her go. She loved it! I had a great time watching her eat grass and then run and kick her legs up. Great entertainment! We did this for almost a week without an incident. And then… well…

(Scary background music here) We were in the kennel. At this point Piper had not really paid a lot of attention to the fence itself but I was confident that she was too large to fit through the chain link fence holes. I was wrong.

Watching from my chair I seen her show interest in the fence. I believed she could probably stick her head in the hole and her body would be too big too fit. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Like water, she poured through the fence. It was so fast. One second shes inside looking out. The next she is outside.

Our yard is massive. If she heads to the long grass, she is as good as gone. If she heads towards the highway, I am out of luck. In a massive leap I can only describe as MacGuiverette like, I jump on the dog house and leap the fence. Now we are both on the outside and my goal is to keep her against the fence. Back and forth we go, me in a panic and her freaked out because I am chasing her. I catch her.

So… phase 2 of the fence project. I have now added mesh netting to the inside of the dog area that goes right against the chain link fence. The netting I purchased is used to keep rabbits out of the garden. So far it is working but I still am on guard while she plays.


September 6, 2007 - Posted by | Insane Moments

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  1. Sheila, you crack me up! I hope that you also covered the top of the cage to prevent aerial attacks. Plus I would love to see what you would do with a bird. May be I’ll get you one for your birthday?!

    Comment by Brett | September 10, 2007

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