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Confiscated Monday Mind Dump…

(I really like the mind dump and I am having a REAL hard time returning it… is that wrong???)

  • God is Good. ALL the time.
  • Greg’s retirement party was fun – it was fun to see the old (no offense Greg) UPS guys.
  • Saturday afternoon was beautiful and fun for us to go out to Shawn and Laura’s and potluck and sit in their great patio area.
  • Brett’s sermon was really good! (I’m all for a Service Sermon)
  • I believe I have now rabbit proofed the outdoor fenced in dog area. (Take II)
  • The time cards are waiting. Praise God that they are there to wait.
  • Al and I were going to go to the State Fair today. This morning we decided to not make the long drive and that makes today a day that I thought would be swallowed up in drive time – now a day of opportunities. (For those who read my Blog – it is equivelant to an extra Saturday in my week and that is WAY COOL!)
  • 37 Journey North women are going to Women of Faith in October. Yay!
  • Looks like 11 of us are going to Revolve in November! (Way to go Jennifer!)
  • I devoured the book The Cross and the Switchblade over the weekend. Amazing vision!
  • Tuesday is going to be busy.
  • Congratulations Wayne and Shirley!!!
  • I need to clean up my home office desk.
  • Praying for Honduras.
  • Justin, Chance, and I discovered yesterday that China Buffet is home of the Chocolate Fortune Cookie. Brilliant! (see picture)
  • My book club chose The Screwtape Letters by C.S, Lewis for our October classics read – I am way excited about this choice!
  • I have recently discovered the power of Amazon Books and I am loving it!



September 3, 2007 - Posted by | Just me

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