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Good Times With Late Eggs

My son Justin and I had a breakfast date this morning.  He is busy working two jobs and hanging with friends and we dont get to talk as much as we used to, so we scheduled this time to hang out.

I wanted a place that was not too crazy busy so I chose a restaurant on the outskirts of Brainerd.  We went in at 9:20 this morning and sat down.  We were the only customers there.

Our waitress brought us our coffee and orange juice right away and we looked over the menu and chose our selections.  When the waitress came back we ordered eggs and toast and caught up with each other.  When my coffee cup ($2 for coffee) was empty it sat while I tried to catch the waitress (we are still the only ones there) to refill my cup.  At that time I asked her for cream and she brought it after a while. 

At 10:10 we were wondering where our food was.  I was  apologizing to Justin for picking the restaurant.  At 10:15 I thought maybe if I could find the waitress I could ask her about our food as Justin had to work at 11:30.

I stood up to go find her when another couple entered the restaurant waiting to be seated.  I made big eyes at Justin and mouthed the word “Run!” as though to the other customers.  We bust out laughing.

5 minutes later our food arrived and we continued on this role of laughter as we watched the other couple sit down and place their order.  From our table we discussed how they should save themselves, it was too late for us, and joked about how we had been sitting there since the previous night.  We listened to then place their order, heard them order the eggs and we whispered… “Oh no… not the eggs..”

Soon we were laughing so hard we were crying.  We had not been offered water or choice of white or wheat toast, and when we asked for our bill, she said we would have to wait as there was an overcharge (not for the service or wait, but incorrectly entered in the computer) on it and she needed her manager to correct it before we could go. 

We waited 10 more minutes and then when she did not return we went to the counter.  The waitress explained that her manager had left the building and had not made the correction on our bill so she would have to call her.  She called her boss while we stood there and asked her to come back as we were waiting at the counter.  The boss returned and corrected the ticket.  The whole experience was completely baffling and the waitress and manager acted as though this was a great way to do business.

Justin and I walked out from this amazingly awful experience still somewhat amused.  I told him that if it would have been just an average breakfast with everything right, we wouldn’t have this incredibly funny memory.  He agreed.

The restaurant?  Never again.

Time with Justin?  Priceless.



August 31, 2007 - Posted by | Insane Moments


  1. Tooo funny friend wish I could have been there!reminds me of the time Mike & I went to a well established resturant, I ordered a lovely crab salad, ooooh yummy I was so hungry and when my salad arrived I dove in …only to discover a Huge, LIVING HORSEFLY ….yup, still kicking his legs and screaming for another lick of my 30 dollar salad.I got up & walked out of that resturant so fast that I think Mike thought lightning hit me in the rear.Mike of course thought I was nuts and he was all flustered he ended up leaving the resturant so fast that he drove down the WRONG side of A MAJOR HIGHWAY.
    That is a true story, always check for horseflys in expensive salads, We laugh about it today but he was afraid that the cops would come after us because we left without paying our bill!!!!!

    Comment by Cathy | September 6, 2007

  2. You WILL have to tell me the name of the restaurant. I may have an inkling. And how does one tip for an experience like that anyway?
    I am guessing your photo is clip art?

    Comment by Becky | September 7, 2007

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