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Mink Lake Camp Pictures

Pictures from last weeks Mink Lake Camp Event.


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Monday Mind Dump (the yet not returned Blog)

  • God is good…all the time
  • Big meeting week – mission stuff tonight, book club tomorrow, women’s ministry Wednesday and Ladies night out Thursday.  (I better stretch first)
  • Work out!  Get with the plan!!!
  • Good weekend… much accomplished.  I feel real good about that.
  • Tammy Lynn’s first birthday party was FUN on Saturday!
  • This Facebook keeps coming up… I just have not had time to look at this.
  • I am having accounting frustration…
  • Sunday ROCKED beyond words.  Both services were diffferent and touched me incredibly.  Way to go Teen Challenge!
  • I am starting my day out slow this morning – it feels good to not hit the ground running.
  • Elmo our dog has a vet appointment this morning for bladder stones.  I never heard of such a thing.
  • SOME FRIENDS of mine keep talking about this 24 show… I finally collapsed under their pressure of how good it is suppose to be and rented the first part of season 1.  As of this date, I have made it through 1/2 an episode.
  • It looks like rain and I am ok with that. 
  • I have now Blogged myself to the point of being late to my first appoinment today.  I think that is kind of funny. 

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