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Road Work Ahead…

a1.jpgFor those of us who have been through the Brainerd area in the past few months, we know all about road work and the crimp in our life it makes.  Old familiar paths are suddenly closed with detours that take you far out of your way and cause delays in our getting to our destinations.  It takes a bit of time management to arrive where you wish to go in a timely manner with little to no frustration. 

Our lives work the same way.  How often are we going about our daily plans at peace with the world when a wrecking ball of unforscene trials seem to come out of nowhere and knock us flat on our face? Sometimes, if we get up too soon, that same wrecking ball can hit us again on the back swing.  (That sign would read something like – watch out for falling rock).

The Bible tells us that having our lives under construction is to be a time of joy and growth.  (If you are like me, feel free to cue the eye roll here).  I mean seriously, who really enjoys being stretched out of our comfort zone?

However, God’s word is true.  With every aching act of road work in my life, I have come out changed.  There is a lesson in the construction… and we should be open to learning from it.

I have been thinking about writing this particular blog for several days now.  Driving through town and seeing the signs of road work reminded me of how God is constantly constructing us .  Yet, whenever I was planning to write this, something would come up where I would be unable to sit down at the computer and write.  Company, errands, cleaning, cooking…

Today, after sitting through both incredible services at The Journey North and listening to the testimonies of several of the people in Teen Challenge, I suddenly knew why I had not taken the time to write this blog.  Listening to the road work that went on in each of their lives really opened my eyes.  Even when I think what I am going through is a “me” situation, God shows me that there are many out there who have gone through so much that I have never experienced and are coming out the other side shouting His name in Glory! 

My road construction?  Suddenly seems like my detour from the original path is more like an eye opening experience to see new uncharted land.  I think maybe I should thank God for the opportunity to see what He has placed before me.  Thank you God. 


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