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Adventures in Mink

There is something about the North Shore.  The trees, the air, the feeling of adventure. 

And there’s something about Mink Lake Camp.  When I prepare to go I have the excitement of a kid going off to summer camp.  I can’t wait to get there and hang with my friends.

These past few days have been no exception.  Life as we know it slows to a drip at Mink Lake Camp.  The phone doesn’t ring.  Our pulses slow to a pace that only are ancestors are familiar with (or other Minkites such as myself).  This is a time for new friendships to develop – and the old friendships strengthen as we gather around the evening camp fire and enjoy each others company.

Being a part of breathing life into the buildings and property of a Christian camp is a time of not only rejuvinating my spirit, but a time of peace and reflection as well. 

To put Mink Lake Camp into words:



Time with God


Thought provoking


Laughter that echos

Team work

I’m home… but my head is still full of Mink Lake Camp.  Until I go again…



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