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The Chair… (otherwise known as The Rant)

The common household “chair” was not initially used as it is today.  Thousands of years ago, it was concidered an article of state and dignity rather than an article of ordinary use. 

Ok… that cracks me up.

I would say for anyone reading this, the “chair” has been a part of our lives since day one.  For us it would have started out as a high chair

Chairs are inviting.  It is the norm to ask someone who is visiting to come in and sit down.  We are usually not referring to the floor when we say this.  Chairs are where we gather for meals around the table.  The are used for important meetings, and to relax while playing board games. 

Chairs come in all shapes and sizes.  Some rock.  Some recline.  Some (my favorites) are outside and used for outdoor entertaining, reading in the sun, and relaxing. 

To totally come clean…. there is only one reason I am writing a blog on chairs.  That is to be able to use the pictures.  : )  If you are looking for the ultimate champion of chairs, they are located right before you enter the town of Beaver Bay, Minnesota on the right.  (For those of us traveling to Mink Lake Camp this next week, you will drive right on by.)  They are FANTASTIC! 


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