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BLAST from the past

Monday evening was a little spooky at our house. As I worked on payroll I watched out the window as the skies become gloomier. I went outside and the air and coloring reminded me of June 13, 2001… the day of the tornado.

I started snapping pictures of our yard, the shop, our neighbors homes… the basic layout of the land. If anything was going to happen, I wanted to be prepared to have the look of “before.”

The wind picked up and I went inside. We closed the doors and windows. As I went to check on line what the status of our area weather was, the power went out. It started to rain and the winds picked up to the speed that out trees just bent beyond belief. I thought, here we go again…

The hail came down in marble sized pieces and showered our lawn. Al and I along with our two dogs, went downstairs as we were unsure at to what we were experiencing. As the wind and rain let up, we came back upstairs. I walked the yard and checked our trees as well as our neighbors. We did not lose a branch. Power did not return to our area of town until 2:00 a.m. but I felt truly blessed by having no property damage.

This morning, as I drove into town I seen first hand that others did not have the same turn out. Large trees uprooted in yards, building damaged. Throughout the day I spoke to friends who had stories of trees in their yards from 1 – 40. I was saddened by the outcome of the storm.

Over the past years in our area, we have had such drastic summer weather. The days have over all been hotter, less rain – and when it does rain, it is usually intense. Again, I am saddened by what this storm has meant to many in the area.



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