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Letting Go of Commitment Overload…

aaa.jpgGoing from zero to crazy in 60 seconds has been a long time habit. Lately I have been really liking my down time. I can see some of my habits changing just by looking at my agenda and flipping through the past year to present. (*Note – this is not due to age…)

I like “free time”. (I know, I know, who doesn’t?) I like non commitment days. My favorite being Saturdays where I do not work for either office and if I have no game plan for the day – all the better. I like to know I can go somewhere if I want to… but I don’t have to.

I find myself enjoying reading more than TV more and more. I love days where when I drive home I know I am staying there for the rest of the day and I do not have to leave again.

I find myself choosing commitments more carefully so as not to just fill my life with “stuff”, but with only the things that mean enough to me to make a commitment. Doing things just to please others has been a long time habit that I am learning is not only exhausting, but totally unnecessary.

It is easy to think that by doing doing doing… you are on the right track. People can be really impressed by how much you do – and well, that can be a trap too, even if you are doing God’s work.

As a child of God, my commitment is to Him first. It is a great idea to take a day a week and not commit to anything, but give that day to God and let Him bring to you what He thinks should be on your plate. God knows when we need to rest and I am so thankful for that! Resting in Him is as easy as letting go and literally – letting God.

” May the night gently wash away my built up tension,
and award me the freedom to rest.
Giving my soul the time to bloom, I surrender myself.
Letting go of the busy world, I honor Him.
Guided by Faith, by love, moving beyond the shadows of my past,
I receive encouragement to let go.
I rejoice and embrace my loving God.”



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Borrowed Blog – Mind Dump

I am taking this idea from Pastor Mark’s blog as I am having a brain freeze and apparently can not think of anything deep or witty at this time…

So… here is my mind dump…

  • Great weekend memories – I was able to kayak with Al and Justin!
  • I have Mink Lake on the brain and I am excited to be there this coming weekend.
  • Mission Banquet tickets are for sale and I have this sense of urgency of getting my letters out for ticket sales… I am mailing about 50 today and have a lot more to address yet.
  • Brett’s Odyssey of the Arts starts tonight – yay! This is the start of something big! I am excited for this!
  • Special mention to Brett’s water color paper that arrived in time for… TONIGHT!
  • I need to come up with a classic nomination for my fiction book club by next Tuesday for our October Classics Tradition… we have read some real doozies in the past so this is a serious decision.
  • Payroll for our business needs to be done today.
  • I need to work out today and I have an injured foot (silly Kayak thing) but I believe I can do it.
  • I need to call Sarah and thank her for staying at the house this weekend in the evenings with Justin. She rocks!!!
  • I should file invoices at home this afternoon. I really hate filing invoices…
  • Nicole brought cookies into the church office for tonights Arts Camp… I think one of them called out to me. (Don’t worry… it is still in the container).
  • I am hopeful we can put together a team for the Meals on Wheels through the church…I think this would be an awesome way to show community. I need at least 9 people to make that happen.
  • I have a head ache and the aspirin is WAY OUT IN MY VEHICLE….
  • I am getting excited for Fall which is unlike me since I am so a Spring Summer gal… must be the heat. Certainly not my age… : )
  • Need… more… coffee….
  • I finished a great book by Jodi Picoult this weekend. Amazing author. I left the book for our neighbors in Finland Minnesota, as Judy is also reading this author.
  • Our neighbors in Finland are fantastic. Tom and Judy are just so kind and giving. They water our newly seeded lawn and keep an eye on things for us. We are truly blessed. On Saturday we went out to dinner with them. I left her a thank you with the book.
  • I need to eat better – consistently.
  • I think Chance went to trout Camp today… I’ll have to call his mom and see what his agenda is for Mink possibilities.
  • I have to put information out for the Missions Team on the banquet as well as create a letter for the team to use when asking about prizes in our community.
  • I am thinking BIG THOUGHTS on the October Rakefest this year.
  • I had some thought provoking dreams this weekend at out cabin and it is unusual for me to remember my dreams…

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