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Watering Day

My aunts and I have a schedule for these rainless days of Summer 2007.  We each have a day each week when we water at the cemetary.  My Aunt Ida takes Monday, I am Wednesday, and my Aunt Bunk is Friday.  The system works great and I love the team work between us.  The result is well watered plants.  It is amazing what a little water can do.

If you think about it, our souls are a lot like that.  It is easy to become dry in the day to day heat of things.  It is a good thing to have friends and family who can replenish you.  They can be like water to the soul.

Last night my friend Karol Kruise came over and we had a great time having dinner and talking on the deck.  As Karol is one of my Honduras Sisters, the topics turned to our love for the mission.  As we chatted for hours of our experiences and looked at pictures of this past March, I felt like Honduras to me was replenished all over again. 

We laughed as we planned out how long until we will be there again, counting out months, weeks, and pay checks! 

When Karol left, our conversation still lingered on and I felt watered in my soul.  Honduras which has been 5 months ago now, suddenly was back in my mind, fresh and exciting again.

This watering, can come in many forms.  Our small groups are like watering cans, each person contributing to quenching the thirst we all have to know and to understand more clearly the word of God.  Church on Sunday is also the nourishment we need.  A long past due phone call, a visit, a helping hand…  all of this – even reading our Bible can make us, and those we reach, bloom.

So… I ask you, who’s soul have you watered today?


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