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Miracle Dog

Elmo came into our lives the late fall of ’97, when he was 6 weeks old. A shih tzu bundle of fur, we all fell in love with him immediately. We purchased Elmo from a kennel. He was born with a hernia, had a bad scratch across one eye from playing with his siblings, and a heart murmur. He was perfect.

Elmo has been an adventure. The winter of 1998 he made his way off the deck and was picked up on the side of the road by our driveway and taken. 5 days later, after posting a reward sign from our home to the casino and all through Brainerd, we slowly had calls come in of his sightings, we learned where he had been, and eventually a call came in looking for the reward claiming to have found him wondering the streets of Milacs. Al picked him up that night at his new home in Pierz.

From there Elmo had adventures that had led him out of our yard while the boys were mowing the lawn in 2000, to be found hours later by a neighbor across the road. Scared by storms, he once took off and we found him after hours of searching, in our own yard hiding under a car.

In the past few years, security has tightened up at our home and we now have a fenced in area of our back yard where Elmo and Bailey (our 6 year old Shih tzu) can enjoy the deck and yard with no worry on our part.

Until yesterday.

Around 3:30 p.m. I was putzing around the house and had finally settled into reading a magazine. Our neighbor came knocking on the door and along with her she had Elmo. Apparently, some how he had left the safety of our yard and had went to the highway (we live on State Hwy 18) and was hit by a car. Our neighbor was holding Elmo in her arms, and he was bleeding from the mouth. I fumbled around for the phone, my brain now in overdrive. I called the emergency vet line and quickly drove him in. I called Al and he met me there, on his way home from doing bids all afternoon. I prayed all the way that this dog, who was really a member of our family could make it through this.

After 4 hours in the emergency waiting room (we learned that a yellow lab had been hit by a boat and was in surgery for 3 hours), and much bonding with the two other couples who were also waiting there, we were admitted. After x rays and an exam we learned that Elmo had no internal injuries or broken bones. He had his back legs knocked out of alignment and had road rash on his stomach, but other than that he was fine. Leaving with a prescription of pain killers (for the dog, not us) we knew that Elmo was a miracle.

Growing up on highway 18, I have lost pretty much every pet I have ever owned to that highway. Through the years I can remember black labs, a great dane, dalmatian – all bigger dogs, all never had a chance. I never had a dog be hit on the highway and survive. Elmo, all 10 pounds of him somehow made it through. I know Elmo will not be around forever, but as all dog lovers know, the time that we have with a good dog is like time with a friend. You learn their habits, their quirks, and you love them.

Thank you God for whatever time you have given us to enjoy Elmo!


August 5, 2007 - Posted by | Just me

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