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Struggling on Through….

This past week I have decided to get my work out routine (or lack there of) back on track.  I used to be quite consistent in taking care of me, but with work and commitments and projects and… well, it went way, way to the bottom of my priorities. 

So every day this past week I have spent at least an hour at the YMCA, eating right all week and feeling pretty good about it.  Until… Thursday.  Thursday afternoon I was feeling a little tired and run down and thought I would stop at the video store to see if there was anything mind numbingly interesting to watch that evening and just take a break from the usual full speed ahead schedule. 

After choosing a couple canidates, I went back to my vehicle and stared across the parking lot…. at…. McDonalds.  “Hot Fudge Sundae” slipped into my head.  I got in my car and turned the opposite direction to head home, loyal to my cause and then…. like Superman to kryptonite I weekened and my car (as though with a mind of its own!) turned full circle and placed itself at the McDonald’s drive thru!  Short of a vehicle exorcism, what could I do?  I did what any weak minded, lack of self control, chocolate junkie would do…. I ordered the sundae and went home.




August 3, 2007 - Posted by | Insane Moments

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