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Sleeping in Church

Ahhh… the ultimate taboo… getting caught sleeping in church.  However, it is just what my wonderful friend Sandi and I did last night.  We were pretty bold too – slept right in the main upstairs area of First Lutheran Church… on cots even!

Ok… ok…. so maybe it wasn’t as daring as it sounds.  We were there for our IHN (Interfaith Hospitality Network) night.  The incredible program new to the Brainerd area where several churches, 13 to be exact,  come together to house the homeless one week per quarter while a Day Center Team now located in South Brainerd works with these individuals to help them get back on their feet.  I love that 13 churches come together and work as one.  After all, we all work for the same Guy right?

So, First Lutheran in Brainerd has been so gracious to allow us to do our week in their facility while ours is under an upgrade.   It is a great experience and the people we meet are all so wonderful.  We watched a movie, talked and had popcorn.  I highly recommend being involved in this great program wherever you go to church.  IHN is all over so check around and see if there is one in your community.

And of course… it is a great opportunity to be ALLOWED to sleep in church.  : )



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  1. […] evening Sandi and I had the opportunity to stay over at First Presbyterian (yes, I am sleeping in churches AGAIN!) for the IHN – Interfaith Hospitality Network that houses the homeless and helps them find work […]

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