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Little Things…

kindness.jpgDuring a meeting I was in yesterday, we had a devotion on little things.  The devotion talked of a man who somehow through the way he carried himself in his youth, brought an aquaintance to Christ.  He doesn’t know how he did it as he did not recall ever speaking to the boy and hardly knew he existed, yet somehow, this boy found his way to church and afterwards to Christ.  When the boy was asked what were the influences in his life that brought him to God, the boy mentioned the man.

I really liked this story.  For one, it just reinforces what we should all know – our actions speak louder than words.  It reminded me of when I worked at Wal-Mart and I was the head of the check outs.  I had a particular cashier that was like fingernails on a chalk board.  She always rubbed me the wrong way, always gave me a hard time, and was hard on the customers too.  I had talked to her and talked to her about her attitude and respect for others and never accomplished a thing.  Eventually, she lipped off at a customer and was terminated by me.

A couple of years ago I did a story for Her Voice magazine on my life and my faith.  It was a hard thing for me to do, but with encouragement by family and the phrase, “if your story could help one person…”

The magazine came out in November of 2005 and on Thanksgiving I received a call at home.  It was from that cashier.  When I heard her say her name, I am pretty sure I cringed, wondering what this was about.  She was crying.  She said she had read the article and couldn’t get it out of her mind.  She had no idea all I had been through and told me that through all of that, my tragedies of my past had never shown. 

We wound up talking on the phone for about two hours about my faith in God and how I could have such faith through out my life.  While Al kept peeking in on me to see that the conversation was going ok, I shared with her my trust in God and the incredible peace I had knowing He was in charge on my life. 

Afterwards, I sat in awe of this miracle that I had just experienced.  Like the story above, somehow she seen something in me back then.  The way I carried myself and spoke to others… I am not sure. 

The reminder that the little things we do day to day is huge.  We never know who is watching.  Just talking to someone could change their path… spending time with someone… offering a cold drink of water….   One thing is for sure, He is always with us and He is watching.

Keep it real.


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