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Bearing Fruit…

Two years ago, a few of my friends decided that we should all get together and have a tree planting get together in my yard.  We had lost about 40 trees in 2001 during the tornado that had come through our yard, and I being a tree lover was thrilled with this plan.

We purchased 4 trees, two silver maples and two apple trees.  When we brought the trees to my house the branches were all wrapped to prevent damage to the tree, so we really did not know the shape of the trees.  

When we unwrapped the two apple trees, one stood with the branches reaching upward and looked to be healthy good shaped tree.  The other apple tree had funny branches that went every which may and we laughed about this as we planted it.

This year the funky branched tree produced fruit and lots of it.  The apples hanging off this tree are so big and the branches so full of fruit, that I have staked the branches so they do not break off due to the weight.  The well shaped tree does not have a single apple. 

Researching apple trees I have learned that an apple tree will not produce fruit until its fourth year.  I also am aware that an apple tree will have a strong producing year and then an off year.  Either of these two things could be the reason the one tree is bare…

Looking at the two trees I would have believed for sure that the healthier more together tree would have been the one to bear fruit.  At the time of planting, we were not even sure if the scraggly tree would make it through the winter.  This reminds me of people.  It is not always the ones who look like they have it all together that will bear the fruit.  Sometimes, those of us who have been beaten down and look a little worse for the wear may very well be the ones who grow the fastest, and the healthy fruit.  

The trees in my yard are a fine example of this.   


July 23, 2007 - Posted by | Life thoughts

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